User Manual on Traveling Salesman Problem

Running the Program:

  1. Set value for number of city, population size, max generation in the text boxes next to the labels City, Population Size and Max Generation, respectively. Put also crossover and mutation rates. Select 'selection method' and 'replacement strategy' by clicking on the choice provided. If you choose elitism replacement, provide the percent for elite replacement. If none is changed, default values are used.

  2. Either click on Random Point button or click on the drawing area and put city locations one by one.

  3. Click on the Run button.

Dynamically changing the values:
     When in Running mode, you can change the Selection Method, Replacement Strategy, Delay Rate, Crossover Rate, Mutation Rate and Elitism%.

Dynamically changing the city locations:
     When in Running mode, you can change city location by clicking on the city point and dragging it to a new location.

Stopping Running:

Just click on the Stop button.

Rerunning the program:
Just click on the Run button after clicking on Stop button or after normal stopping. It can be done only when Run button is enabled.

Resetting the values:
When Reset button is enabled, click on it and put the desired values in the corresponding text boxes.

Descriptions of Displays:
When in running mode, RED LINES and YELLOW LINES show the best ever tour found and the best tour in current generation respectively.

The best ever tour and the best tour in current generation are displayed along with their distances in the textboxes next to the labels: Overall Best , Current Generation and Distance, respectively.

Current Generation number is displayed in the textbox labeled as Generation#.