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Topon Kumar Paul and Hitoshi Iba(2005). Extraction of Informatics Genes from Microarray Data. In the Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2005 (GECCO2005), Washington DC, USA, pages 453-460. ACM Press. 

Experimental Setup:

Data Sets Description:

Data Set #Genes Left after preprocessing #Classes #Training Samples #Test Samples #Total Samples
Lung Carcinoma 3312 5 50% of total samples 50% of total samples 203
Brain Cancer 4434 2 21(given) 29(given) 50
Prostate Cancer 5966 2 50% of total samples 50% of total samples 102

Preprocessing Method:

Example: Brain cancer data set. For Lung Carcinoma and Prostate Cancer data sets, please read the paper.

Experimental Results:

Detailed experimental results by our method (RPMBGA) and PBIL.
Data Set Name Single Gene

Training and Test Accuracy

Overall accuracy
Lung Carcinoma SingleGeneLung TrainTestRPMBGALung TrainTestPBILLung OverallLung
Brain Cancer SingleGeneBrain TrainTestRPMBGABrain TrainTestPBILBrain OverallBrain
Prostate Cancer SingleGeneProstate TrainTestRPMBGAProstate TrainTestPBILProstate OverallProstate

(We suggest the researchers to save a result file as a text file and to open it with Microsoft Excel to manipulate it.)

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