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Contact information:

Email: ibalabwww@ibalab, iba@ibalab

Telephone Number:
Access to IBA Laboratory at Asano Campus of the University of Tokyo

The Asano Campus is located between the Faculty of agriculture and the Hongo Campus of Tokyo University. The closest stations are:

  • Todaimae Station, on the Tokyo Metro Nanboku line;
  • Hongo Sanchome Station, on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line;
  • Hongo Sanchome Station, on the Toei Metro Line;
  • Nezu Station, on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line;

For more information, see the map


Where is IBA Laboratory?

IBA Laboratory is located on the 3rd floor of Engineering Building number 12; Room 301 and 303 (for students).
Professor's iba Office is located on the 9th floor of Engineering Building number 2;

One Frequently Asked Question
I am an International student; I want to study in Japan. From where can I get scholarship related information?

Visit the following websites for scholarship related information:



Welcome to IBA laboratory, a research laboratory of Genetic and Evolutionary Computations (GEC) of the Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Japan.
Information about our book is below.

  • The research topics of this laboratory include Genetic Algorithm (GA), Genetic Programming (GP), Evolvable Hardware (EH), Artificial Life (ALife), Probabilistic Model Building Genetic Algorithm (PMBGA), 3-D Avatar Motions, applications of GEC to Bioinformatics and Robotics. Some of the on-going researches of IBA Laboratory are:
    Biological Applications:
    1. Extraction of informative genes from gene-expression data
    2. Inference of Gene Regulatory Network (GRN) using time-series data
    3. 3-D visualization of a Gene Regulatory Network.
    1. Object transportation by two Humanoid Robots using cooperative learning
    2. Multi-agent Robot learning by means of Genetic Programming
    3. Real-time adaptation technique to real Robots.

    Mailing Address of IBA Laboratory:
    Post Box:
    Engineering Building 12
    The University of Tokyo
    Hongo 3, Bunkyo-ku,
    Tokyo xxx-xxxx,Japan