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Contact information:

Email: iba@ibalab

Access to IBA Laboratory at Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo

The closest stations are:

  • Todaimae Station, on the Tokyo Metro Nanboku line;
  • Hongo Sanchome Station, on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line;
  • Hongo Sanchome Station, on the Toei Metro Line;
  • Nezu Station, on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line;

For more information, see the map


Where is IBA Laboratory?

IBA Laboratory is located on the 12th floor of Engineering Building number 2; Room 122B1 and 122B2 (for students).
Professor's iba Office is located on the 10th floor of Engineering Building number 2; Room 101D4.

One Frequently Asked Question
I am an International student; I want to study in Japan. From where can I get scholarship related information?

Visit the following websites for scholarship related information:



Welcome to IBA laboratory, a research laboratory of Genetic and Evolutionary Computations (GEC) of the Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, Japan.
Information about our book is below.

  • The research topics of this laboratory include Genetic Algorithm (GA), Genetic Programming (GP), Evolvable Hardware (EH), Artificial Life (ALife), Probabilistic Model Building Genetic Algorithm (PMBGA), 3-D Avatar Motions, applications of GEC to Bioinformatics and Robotics. Some of the on-going researches of IBA Laboratory are:
    Biological Applications:
    1. Extraction of informative genes from gene-expression data
    2. Inference of Gene Regulatory Network (GRN) using time-series data
    3. 3-D visualization of a Gene Regulatory Network.
    1. Object transportation by two Humanoid Robots using cooperative learning
    2. Multi-agent Robot learning by means of Genetic Programming
    3. Real-time adaptation technique to real Robots.