The programs developed in our laboratory are available to the public on a trial basis.You can download the software, whose usage is explained below.

Use of Software

  1. This software is developed by Iba Laboratory and distributed free of charge. It is not a service provided by the publisher.
  2. The copyright of this software is owned by Iba Laboratory. You may not redistribute the downloaded software.
  3. In no event will Iba Lab. be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use of this software.
  4. Iba Lab. reserves the right to update the contents of the software, etc. or discontinue providing the software, etc. without notice.

Distributed software

ACO (Ant Colony Optimization)

TSP by ACO TSP by ACO(Traveling Salesman Problem solved by Ant Colony Optimization)
[How to use] [Program(.jar, 168kB)]

GA (Genetic Algorithm)

No Photo GA for Drawing Tree [Program(.jar, 24kB)]
GA for Maximum Value Search [How to use] [Program(.zip, 4,031kB)]
GA 2D Simulator(execution code) GA (Genetic Algorithm) simulator
[How to use] [Program(.zip, 420kB)]
GA 3D Simulator(java version) GA (Genetic Algorithm) simulator
[How to use] [Program(.zip, 103kB)]

LGPC(Linear Genetic Programming in C++)
"Fast GP System with Linear Genomes" developed in our laboratory.

LGPC for REGRESSION [How to use] [Program(.exe, 684kB)]
LGPC for ANT [How to use] [Program(.exe, 571kB)]
LGPC for SPIRAL [How to use] [Program(.exe, 600kB)]
LGPC for BOOLEAN [How to use] [Program(.exe, 550kB)]
LGPC for IMAGE COMPRESSION [How to use] [Program(.exe, 601kB)]
LGPC for Time Series Prediction [How to use] [Program(.exe, 676kB)]
LGPC for ART [How to use] [Program(.lzh, 740kB)]
Wall Following [How to use] [Program(.exe, 477kB)]

PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization)

PSO PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) simulator
[How to use] [Program(.lzh, 415kB)]

ES (Evolutionary Strategy)

SimBot GP and ES (Evolutionary Strategy) simulator
[How to use] [Program v.1(.exe, 527kB)]
No Photo SimBot 2 [Program v.2(.exe, 610kB)]

GP (Genetic Programming)

No Photo IGP Library [UNIX version, source code(.zip, 120kB)]
No Photo MVGPC [Program(.zip, 3,636kB)]
No Photo Stroganoff for Pattern Recognition [Program(.zip, 630kB)]
No Photo Stroganoff for Time Series Prediction [Program(.zip, 704kB)]